Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I had mentioned HB 1952 in my brief – But it has not effected me in no way so I had to enter the arbitration deal it my law was the right thing to do. To demand court action would have seem to PAG as being a hard ass.

To the court I would have become a eye sore pro-se smarty that just want to take up the court’s time on a matter Muniz is handing already.

Filing did get my result – off the registry – immediately removed.

I got off as soon as they called me. . . . . . I want to think that it was the mandamus filing that did it faster. Some such have followed me off but I don’t know if that happened – – – – -off and what a relief. I felt this way when EAGLES won Superbowl LII Flying high now for a moment