Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I found out this morning the very first person to be removed did not go to court. Not the second person,but the very first person.

Fear can play tricks on the mind. Fear can make you believe it is ok to violate the rights of a group becuase you don’t your child to be raped, or you don’t want to lose your job. Fear can also make someone afraid or jealous of someone else who they feel has had a easier life becuase they know how to “work the system” or were born somewhere else.

After all, PSP is a law enforcement agency. Like it or not, they will enforce the law. It might take forever, and they might wait years until all the appeals have run out, but they will enforce the law.
Down South, my grandparents REFUSED to allow black peole to walk in the front door of their store. They just believed that they were inferior to whites so therefore had to use the back door. Even after they were ordered to stop they refused. Finally, My Uncle took over the store and stoped the policy. This was in 1990. I was 10. Today, we do not believe that. At least the supermajority of us do not. My point being eventually we as sex offenders will be treated fairly. After all, whether we are white or black, we are all sex offenders. We are all the same.