Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


HI Tori,
We have to remember that our representatives are just that: our representatives. They represent what the public wants. Like it or not, the majority of people do not think sex offenders should be allowed to have rights. One father in the Chicago area shot and killed his son execution style for molesting his fsther’s step daughter. The second he confessed at gunpoint he blew his head off and then turned himself in.
Law enforcement can only do what they are told to do by the General Assembly and the courts ok. So if the General Assembly passed a law and the courts upheld it, that said you must wear a pink shirt every Tuesday or go to jail, they would have to arrest you if you didn’t do what was directed.
I agree 100% that in a election year, no one is going to vote no on 1952. As Robert said, that is just the political reality. Remember the population of Pa is over 12 million. The population of the sex offender community is like 22,000.
Once upon a time it was actually legal where my mother came from to beat the crap out of blacks. It wasn’t just they wouldn’t arrest you, it was the actual law that it was ok. It was the exception to the assault statute. Think about that. Look how far we have come as a society.