Reply To: International Travel

a man without a country

I wound up turning around and going back home here in TH. Been here almost 15 yrs, but I’m nervous as hell that something might be shared from back there or, as you say, thru the airlines. I’ve never had any problems here in all that time, but the ‘lost in translation/WORSE in translation’ is always the black hole this seems to fall into.

I just chose to delay my trip back and look myself for another route. I might try the link you suggested. I thought I’d disappeared off the registry when I moved overseas right out of probation and never lived back in the US again. I did go back and renew a driver’s lic before my last parent died eight years ago; THAT set up the usual visits and surveillance to see whether or not I truly didn’t live there, just needed a DL for when I go back for short visits.

I’ll keep an eye on this blog and share any new experiences I have. I’m looking at trying my trip again through a different carrier and route in a couple weeks.