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While I wanted to post to these two ladies and the CATO conference thing, I was also touched by this lady with her son that was of a slight mental capacity. Yes while parents have their problems and this sex issue has came upon all of us via some of this internet challenging and into todays America plus these other issues such as the teenagers exploring each others and kids playing doctor or this dating issue and of course this sex issue as a whole I commend them.. Sure motivation by these two ladies is the key to help inform.
Yes we all should stand up whether one use’s biblical principals or human wisdom or has stand up like Martin Luther King. People a lot of this is discrimination in the form of a sexual nature. Call it a behavior matter,, or call it weakness of the flesh, or those in high places taking advantage of their position. We all need to address this issue.
Even governments need to address this issue.
A lot of this issue is about attitude and character of each and ever individual. Do we all have to go around judging one another and if they don’t act according to the status quo they are expendable. Do we all have to wear the label of sex offender the rest of our lives.
Should we all wear the label I’m a murder the rest of our lives and let others know our past or should we all wear the label sinner? I remember my sister an me got into it and she got me down and slapped me on the back and beat me because she said , are you calling me a sinner. I said no, the bible is. Its like people don’t want to admit that they are a sinner but they will pas judgment on others in a heart beat if you offend them.
I believe your “Make room for the Debate” needs to be address to and these government need to be a part of it and listen. They have no idea what some of these people are going thru that were caught up in all this or duped in a lot of this ordeal. I also think a theme song would be nice here’s one if you chose one …. One tin Soldier … and I don’t think any of us are made of tin… but you get the meaning … Go for it NARSOL