Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Robin, that solves the problem. Im in no rude to anyone. I just say i dont know what im talking about according to paul and yes it is a play fun and yes, he is right i really dont know what im talking about most of the time. Im just as lost as everyone else is on here. 1 day to the next things change and psp say diffrent things and new info becomes frequenting into other things. But, the fact is yes, you all have to understand that we are only human and make silly comments here and there and yes, it can be a bit frusterating at times. Yes, we all have diffrent personalities and yes, any thing that offended anyone by anything needs not to be taking into heart. No need to go back and forth on silly things to hurt anyone. Yes. I do take paul as a fun play and i tease him back. But we both know its only play. Nothing to be taking to a bad road. I do respect paul and yes, he is very smart and knowledgeable and he is a great person who i just happen to grow liking unto him. But, if paul had ever told me or i told him that its just rude than apologies accepted. But, yes, i admit i dont know what im talking about and im only guessing things most of the time and i dont mind that cause we are all learning new and diffrent things. Its being human.