Reply To: Lenore Skenazy – You may be a sex offender if…


Lenore, I know its hard on you and I do feel for you and everyone that uses this mental issue thing against one plus the fact that the girl said something to police. Sure police are going to believe a woman before a man and as you say its not right. That’s just like even a married woman today calling sexual abuse on another out of spite at the time or some other trivial matter.
While I know it is wrong just like these sex offenders a lot has to do with standing up as NARSOL is doing for those others along with other advocates. Being underhanded is being underhanded. And yes I understand about the social security thing also as a friend of mind was used by a women just like that. One night they both got into a fight she busted his head wide open with a bottle and cops came and took them both to jail.. She was on probation and so was he also.
I sort of got mixed up with that but not to the extent is he was. But on the sex duping issue and the relation with the prostitution one has to use a different measure in that issue. See they (the law ) didn’t seem to show any compassion for the guy with his mental affliction but honored the prostitution’s cry so to speak.
See it all goes to show you that they will believe the woman before the man in that situation and other situations like the “Me too” movement”
Here’s the point I’m trying to make when law enforcement get involved in all this personal stuff its not a pretty picture. You know I can’t even understand a lot about these internet sting computer ordeals as it seems people don’t care about others and don’t show compassion or share each others burdens like some should.
Even women at times feel like screaming that someone took advantage of them, and it seems like this woman took advantaged of him in a certain way.
I hope is some way that you all can address the courts again and get some type of adjustment in this situation and talk to this prostate gal and have her come to realize the harm this is doing to others and also her conscious if she really cares about others. See its all about caring about others but the police don’t see it that way.
In actually they are predicting down the road that this might happen again.
I was looking over some of my plea agreement and some of my court papers and there was a check mark about recidivism and it was checked unlikely. I think there is five or six category’s and of course they have to say probable on some of them to make it look good. I wonder if we all could say probable on whether we wake up or not tomorrow according to the bible.