Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Robin Vander Wall
Robin Vander Wall

Okay, folks. This conversation has gone on just about long enough. At this point, it appears to have descended into a tit-for-tat among partisans who, for whatever reason, have decided to take issue with this or that about another person’s post. We are NOT forum operators. We are all volunteers and we cannot continue to keep up with the volume of disputation on this single post. I have deleted a number of posts this evening because it was obvious that something got said by someone that led to an offense against another. We DO NOT have time to police your comments at that rate. We have no paid staff and each of us here at NARSOL are carrying loads in other areas that you can’t even begin to imagine.

So, here’s the deal. Either get this thread under control, or it will be shut down.