Reply To: Lenore Skenazy – You may be a sex offender if…

patricia win

This is so so hard to watch. It’s so insane. The more I hear about what these laws are about and how the American public has bought all the lies and distortions about sex offenders and the registry.
Thank you Lenore Skenazy for all you do and thank you to NARSOL too.
I have two sons on the registry. My mentally ill son was falsely accused many years ago. He was in his thirties and moved to a really bad neighborhood in Maryland called Pigtown. A child was given the idea to lie by her grandmother and a neighborhood watchwoman who thought my son looked “weird” and that was at least partly related to his illness because he was too friendly. He fell in love with a prostitute who was 17 who used him for his social security money and her sister was the child who lied. This girl was very close to her older sister who was on drugs, as was her mother (both ended up dying of OD’s) and the girl was jealous of the time she spent with my son who was in his early 30’s and so she lied and said he did something sexual to her. The Baltimore City Paper did 5 stories about my son and the third was when this girl admitted to a PG County ex-homicide commander that she lied and “it felt so good to tell the truth” and my son “was the nicest person you’d ever want to meet”. The girl grew up, gave a strong deposition but the Baltimore States Attorney was totally disinterested. There was NO other evidence. My son never had more than a traffic ticket. He is in his 50’s and STILL on the registry.
My other son was in his 30’s, was immature and had sex with a 15 yr. old prostitute who lied to him about her age, acted older. When they were caught, she told the police she wanted to be with my son and lied to them about her age. But, my son got his first felony and is in his 50’s and still on the registry. My son was wrong but now my son has his own son and was given complete custody of his son and is doing a great job but has had to move because of gossip and harrassment by neighbors and the cops. He lost the best job he ever had. His boss told him if he ever got the felony reduced he could have his job back. My grandson’s mother was a poor choice too (which is why my son got full custody in spite of being on the registry), so my son’s an idiot but he’s never physically harmed anyone. And is someone reading this thinks my son harmed that girl, the prostitute, even her mother said this girl”acted much older” and was “out of control”.

I’ve come to know more about these laws than I care to but I cannot believe how bad they are and how so many Americans believe all the lies about MOST on the registry…and almost no one knows or cares how bad, how unfair they are.
So, thankyou Lenore and NARSOL AND the other reasonable people out there who care about making our laws more rational and fair. I’m 77 and only hope before I die I will see my sons lives improved and less full of risk. I worry about them (and now my grandson) every day.