Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Simple or maybe not so simple, but are there ANY OTHER STATES BESIDES PA being heard, scheduled, failed, etc. the same case? One state can help, but I would think others are following and filing similar cases in other states. It would be nice to know that, where they are and how to follow them. There was nothing mentioned (did not stay the whole 3 hours on tues) about the case in appeals in the 10th circuit on Judge Matsch’s ruling. You would think this case can have a pretty big impact on what the 10th decides – Matsch, 6th circuit and now PASC (and I think some other state supreme courts) have all ruled similarly. Maybe if the 10th upholds Matsch, it will finally be heard by SCOTUS and they kill the registry, at least ex post facto for everyone! Happy for those in PA, but hoping it spreads everywhere! I hope people reply and update us outside of PA