Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Ok I just got off the phone again with psp, I called a little late , I got a different person at 3:20pm at the ml section 800 number, I think it may have been an actual officer this time, she said she doesn’t see that anyone is reviewing my file now, she also said wait a couple weeks you guys may be getting a letter saying if your coming off / eligibility or you have to continue registering, totally different from what the other lady said, she also said she doesn’t know anything different is going on for out of state offenders, I asked if I should send a letter, she said it probably won’t make any difference but you can if you want to so just to get a solid answer on what’s going on I will send a q&a letter to see if someone can give me official information, there are a few on NARSOL I can see know what’s going on but can’t give solid 100% info that one has to get directly from the source, hell I wander if I just go to a psp barracks they will tell me, probably not, I’m guessing they have no idea either.