Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I heard the entire phone conference of Narsol in action yesterday and I want to emphasize how thankful I am for everyone’s time in the panel and callers. Now I know I will be criticized for saying this but I thought that Mrs. Lea Bickerton (Attorney) and Mr. Cicchinnelli (PA Prison Society) spoke too kindly about law enforcement, legislators and the PA Governor. I get that they do not want defame anyone as professionals themselves, but Governor Wolf is a politician and will not go against the legislature specially on a election year. Mr. Cicchinnelli kept talking about how interesting Wolf is and references to surprising action on Wolf’s part on the legislation before signing it if at all. It is not typical for a politician to do the right ethical lawful things anymore at least not without scrutiny and a magnifying glass. Sad isnt it! So, he is not going to do anything surprising at all. He is going to sign the bill and let the heat fall on the legislature if there is any to be had. Many of them will retire, not seek re election, lose election or resign for some controversy as they been having lately. Ultimately they will not care what happens, how many they jeopardize on the registry, or the cost or burden of lawsuits because many wont be there to deal with it and all are immune from prosecution anyhow! Also, no one on the panel spoke or callers asked about a Class Action Suit approach to help all affected or seek monetary damages. I noticed people posting about and no one has provided concrete answers. Sad as well!