Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


PSA (public service announcement): I have done a google search for civil rights civil litigation attorneys in the areas of cumberland county , berks county, york county, dauphin county and have called 17 offices… my searches gives me law firms that DO NOT handle this type of litigation and none have been willing to help direct me to one that does takes a case to sue the everything out of PA, PSP and all involved in the legislature!!! Can someone help with this please? Any one else found any lawyers to work on consignment as Mrs. Lea Bickerton advised yesterday on Narsol in Action conference call? I want to sue PA for monetary compensation for everyday since last summer for the violations of my rights! (and coincidentally, everyone’s rights). Someone helpful please!!! No unhelpful answers I beg of you all! Has anyone here on this site or someone known to someone here on this site been able to or does have an attorney working on consignment to sue PA, the PSP and all that need to be sued? If so, please provide that contact info. I am tired of waiting to do nothing and get nothing in return while being violated in every manner possible. You can take it metaphorically, literally, symbolically I dont care!!! These criminals in power only understand loss of money and they need to loose after all they have done to take money and ways to support myself and my loved ones away from me and us!!! Please help me! Please help us!