Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Bruce I just called them about this you are right in part they are reviewing cases right now with is contrary to what Ryan told me a half hour ago However they are looking for any new sex offenses only no other crimes will effect someone from being removed She also said that a letter will not help because they have to do the same process for everyone however Mike S had his lawyer send a letter and he was removed a week later. She did say the best and fastest way is to get a court order. I believe her that they are reviewing cases but I do not understand Ryan giving an official statement that they are not reviewing cases right now I guess we will have to go by people reporting they have been removed and the total left on the site it has dropped by 8 people so far today. I agree with you we should save our money for a few more days or a week tops we should have more information by then. I just wish we were not getting conflicting information from PSP.