Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Ok I just had an interview with Ryan at PSP media relations.

I asked him if the have started a review process of pre SORNA people and he said they have not. They are still waiting to get more information from the legislature before they determine how they are moving forward.
He stated that the have no recommendation of what SO due as far as wait or get an attorney.
I asked him is PSP going to recognize people with two or more 10yr reg convictions the same way the have prior to new bill, they recognize the A.S. decision in their 2016 report on ML, He said to send him an email and he would get back to me on that he docent know of the top of his head. I asked him is there a current review list He said no they are waiting to hear from legislators. I asked him will any of the people that have had their 10yrs expire or were not on reg before SORNA will have to go on to the new law if they have not finished their review process when the new bill kicks in. He said we do not know still waiting for legislation to give in put. I asked him who were the 80+ people that they have already taken off the registry He said he does not want to comment on that. I asked him where they are coming up with the 16% of people will be missing if the pre SORNA people are taken off the site before review is complete, I asked is it information from another state that had the same issue, He said it is based on passed experience. He said they have no review process in place.

Please contact an attorney maybe we can get a group of people together and get discount on a letter to PSP and look into a class action to force PSP to give an official time line and action plan.