Reply To: International Travel



“a man without a country” – Thank you again for the reply. My concern is they are notifying airlines. This is NOT part of the IML. The State Dept is only supposed to notify the foreign country that you are traveling to. I’m wondering if you can do a FOIA request ( to the Angel Watch Gestapo to see who was notified of your travel plans. This whole notification system needs some transparency and your case seems to be a good example to find out what these guys are doing. I think they are crossing lines that are not to be crossed, not that these laws they have passed have already crossed constitutional and UN lines. So, where are you now? Have you incurred additional costs to your travel? Have you had to rebook on another airline? If you did I would have Korean Air flip the bill. You ask me to find another route and another airline!?! Then you better book me on your dime and make it first class, so you can keep an eye on me! Hell, you may have to fly into Viet Nam and drive your way back to TH. I wish you the best of luck, but we need to fight this. This will only get worse.