Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


/just called the PSP ML 866 number. I’m a 2005 Tier 1 conviction, no subsequent criminal activity: a “no-brainer”, automatic removal in my opinion. Spoke to a polite, helpful woman. Questions and answers:
Q: Is there a timeline for removal?
A: No. They are thoroughly reviewing 17,000 cases, looking for subsequent criminal activity.
Q: Will it do any good to write a letter requesting removal?
A: You can write, but it will not do you any good – they are doing these in alpha order, and it won’t move you up in the line.
Q: Will you be darkening profiles on the site for those who are subject to removal in the meantime?
A: No.
My suggestion is we (the “no-brainer” / non-1952 types) leave them alone, be patient, and save your time and money on writing letters and lawyering up, unless there’s an urgent need to accelerate or you don’t mind spending the money.