Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I just spoke with PSP ML section

1. Everyone pre SORNA is going to be reviewed.

2. They have list but they have no designation on them who they are.

3. They do not know yet if people will be reviewed before the new law kicks in

4. They do not know yet if people that have not been reviewed by the time new law kicks in if they will be put on new bill before review is done.

5. They said people that have attorneys are getting off the reg now.

6. They said we do not have to register and won’t get a update notice but she is still telling everyone to do so to be safe.

7. I have a phone interview today with Ryan Media guy from the PSP to do a article for PARSOL I will be asking questions to clear things up for everyone so they can make a better decision on how to move forward

8>. Please read new bill 631 no longer 1952 we need to make sure nothing got snuck in.