Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Yes, they have started the review process. PSP said they started the day after the denial came down. You can call them to confirm that. Also, that is why people are coming off. A couple people have gone to court but not that many of what PSP has said.
Let’s take the 18-month estimate. Any lawsuit is going to take longer than 18 months. A writ may be sooner but still be 3-6 months. I believe people in YOUR group will be done by then. Not every Pre-Sorna person but the “no-brainers” who are finished will be off. However, if you want to spend the $$$$ to make yourself feel as though you are doing something, then it is worth it. It gives you peace of mind, then ok. I am just saying if you are looking for the funds spent to give you a “return” then I don’t see it. I spend $30.00 for a pizza because I simply do not want to drive to go get it. I know I would save money picking it up but I just don’t want to leave the house.
I am just trying to make the case so everyone can weigh the options against their criteria. I do not mind spending money if I feel it is worth it to me. Case in point: I have an iPhone X. Yet it costs $40.00 per month but at that price, it is worth it to me to have an advanced phone. My ex-father in law cried spending $100.00 total in price for a phone. Mine will be almost $1,000.00 by the time I pay it off.