Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

The Radio conference was awesome – it did not feel like 3 hours long. The Lawyer lady was dead on – the questions were to the point.

I wish the questions about the two or more conviction was clearer under AS v PSP and Commonwealth Morris of 2016. That said two counts is not two convictions.

Some are still fighting this – it seemed. That was settled in 2016 at the PASC. I also wish the question by what the term “judicial determination” means in HB 1952 to not be under HB 1952 that it state in the HB 1952 page 111 lines 5 -21 Senate version or on page 109 lines 1-13 on the house version.

That judicial determination is the freedom off the registry – by a case by case filing in court. This is not law yet but it is a good thing to know right now as this HB 1952 makes it way to the GOV’s desk to become law and it will because it has no opposition.

It will be challenged as soon as it becomes law. by me – I am in count now under case 463 MD 2017 in the Commonwealth appeal court – docket sheet.

The PAG lawyer contacted me by phone to not oppose her extention for time motion. She want to understand my case in detail to not have to go in front of a judge for determination – she talked to the PSP and they called me too and told me that court will take too long they can get me off in 30 days. They pulled my file 16 Jan 2018 and it has been working its way through the review process.

PSP ML section has confirm that but no one has been let off that I see at this time. I did see on 5 Feb 2018 a 40 offender reduction. I don’t know if that was 40 removed of not. I check the site and I am still on it. I want a judicial determination so I don’t waive any rights for appeal to the PASC.