Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Chuck it docent mater if they have 1 or 1000 people set to remove people Robert even said they have not even started the review process they won’t until the new law is in place to grab us all up. The 80-100 people removed so far are part of a short list that were smart and lawyered up. I get them saying to sit tight but they believe PSP has a list for review they don’t I was told by PSP last week they only have a small list. Our goal is to get on the small list not the new law once we are on new law they will make us get an attorney to get removed anyway watch and see they are up to something in the appropriations right now thats what Robert said he said it has no budget so its an odd delay tactic. It may not cost thousands maybe a letter will do trick So if some gets no answer from PSP on how long it will take to be reviewed and if they are on a list for review they better do something Cary thinks she’s right she said she will be off before July she’s an out of stater she needs a lawyer I hope PSP starts to do the right thing but so far they have been coy about everything if they plan to do the right thing they would have. I get a person that has one 10yr reg or no reg under old law to sit tight it will take a serious miscarriage of justice to not review and remove these people fast, but we have no information on even those people being reviewed yet not one. We do have conformation of a person getting removed with a simple letter from the Boss AKA Patrone so at least a call to him or someone else like Sam Stratton lawyers that have already got people removed per Muniz and taking their advice is a smart thing to do. A person with an out of state or two or more reg offense or had a failure to comply leaves too many variables and I’m sure they make up a large majority of the 3-5k that should already be off reg but PSP has not removed one yet who hasn’t lawyers up go figure