Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Chuck Im pretty sure Robert said up to 18mo like I said.

Lea said anyone with an two or more 10yr reg offenses needs an attorney like I said

Lea said she doesn’t know if 10yr reg people will be reviewed in time and will most likely be put on new bill if reviews is not done.

Robert said that it is strange bill is in appropriations must be delay to change bill they could remove 90day window to reg

Fact is they pretty much have no idea what PSP is doing and either do we because they are not saying

Fact is no one knows what the new law will be yet and if any of us will be able to get off once we are on

Fact is PSP wants to keep us all on reg

Fact is right now people are being removed from reg with the help attorneys

Fact is Lea said if you want to speed things up a lawyer can do that

Fact is out of state people need an attorney

Fact is lea said anyone with two or more 10yr reg needs an attorney

Fact is you are going on new law no mater what you do so easy for you to tell everyone else sit tight

Fact is we were told to contact PSP and get confirmation they have us on the list for removal and how long it will take People have a were told nothing other than the can’t confirm anything

Fact is PSP is in violation of a ruling from the PASC and they are leaving us all on reg until they can put us under new law

So to sum things up Call PSP tomorrow if no answer to list and time question call lawyer and send letter and file writ to get off no chance takin as far as bill being pushed through the worse it is the better our chances of getting it struck down like Gump said Thats all I have to say about that