Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



It’s all good Cary. We are here. Doesn’t matter how we got here. Although it does feel good to have a grip on things. I hate 1952, but I feel a bit better in the sense I think we can beat it. I just want to get that “punishment” label back on the registry. That is the key in the fight to kill it once and for all. If it was simply an online posting of your criminal record, I would not like it but I think I would have to concede that may be legal since your record is already public.
I also like the idea that Lea addressed making the PSP make the registry dark for Pre-Sorna people. I thought this was a winning idea. I was surprised when she shot it down. The only question I thought they didn’t answer within the context of the question which was the question of a judicial determination. I want to know in the context of 1952 what is a judicial determination? I interpreted as meaning if SCOTUS upheld the Muniz decision, PSP will not force 10-year Pre-Sorna people to finish their time. Some has interpreted to mean the few Pre-Sorna who will be held over has to go in front of a judge to be removed even after their time has expired. I guess we shall see.