Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I have no idea if this true, but I asked PSP how many people were doing the removing they told me less than 10. Takes time my friend. In the legal world, 12 months is fast. Yes, I agree they known about Muniz since July, yet they did not know if SCOTUS was going to overturn or not. Remember the official position of Pa was that Muniz should be overturned. I have no proof, yet I believe Pa thought that SCOTUS would at least hear Oral Argument. I bet in their wildest dreams they did not think we would have a denial by now.
I have been asking myself that does the fact that removal does not really help me right now has affected my position. Perhaps a little. Yet, I do not see people increasing their hatred just because Muniz was approved. That being said, everyone in the world has had YEARS to do whatever they wanted to us. So what gives them more motivation to mess with us now as opposed to July 18 of last year, one day before the ruling?
If you could make a phone call and scream for a few minutes and bam you are off, ok then do it. Yet, I fail to see the value a lawyer could provide someone who is Pre-Sorna. Just like Lea said, unless they are going to sue on your behalf, there is not much they could do, and to pay thousands of dollars to get off 3 months early seems a bit rich.