Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


That is not what was said. They specifically said getting an attorney was wasteful. Lea and Robert both said that. Only get an attorney if it has been months and you haven’t heard anything. Lea and Robert both concurred.

By the way, I listened to every second of the call. When I do research I am very thorough. I agree Lea couldn’t say that
Lea could not say they will definitely be done, but they did say either will be or should give an update letter. Of course, Lea could be wrong. With her experience, I believe she has the skills to make an educated guess. Also, what she says sounds plausible.
What I really enjoyed was that Lea squashed the idea that PSP simply will not remove people. They are human and may make a mistake, however, they will not simply refuse to remove people.