Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Chuck I think you need to re listen to the call She said that she doesn’t know if people will get their reviews done before the new bill goes into effect so most likely you’ll be put on new bill hoping the finish review also if bill gets changed and then past fast you will have no reaction time. If you call and PSP and they can not give you a n answer that you are on the list for review and a time to be reviewed you need an attorney Also anyone with 2 or more 10yr offenses you need to file asap her words not mine. So because we do not know why bill is being delayed in appropriations could be to allow time to seek a change in it then pass it fast before we can do anything slowing people to go on to new law and then not be able to come off. I was right about the 18mo and right about no automatic thing all cases will be granularly review and could easily take longer than time to put you on new bill the lawyer said they will put you on bill before review is done if they want to. DO THE MATH FOLKS. We need info from PSP now.