Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


The conference wrapped up at 10:05 pm. Even though I have been saying it since day 1, I was surprised the attorneys said to wait. That shows me they care and they don’t just want to get paid. So we now know for sure PSP is looking to apply 1952 to Pre Sorna people retroactively. So their position will be HB1952 is civil in nature and thus not punishment.
We also know with 100% certainty that Pre-Sorna people who have completed their time have nothing to worry about HB1952. I loved how the attorneys stated that this group would gain no value in trying to get off now vs a few months from now. This will help unify the sex offender community. I think the panic was that somehow 1952 was going to wipe away relief from those who were due relief under Muniz because they had finished their original sentence. has been completed. The experts have weighed in and we now know this fear is false.
After listening to Lea speak, I would DEFINITELY retain her if I needed an Attorney. She was organized, prepared and she wanted to answer questions. I loved her answer to PARSOL’S question about how to find an attorney you can trust. She was everything you want in an attorney. Someone who knows what they are doing, and cares about her clients. I could tell by the amount of knowledge she had, this wasn’t just a way to make a few bucks for her.
If you guys do decide to hire an attorney, hire her!!!!
One thing I thought was disrespectful was everyone kept referring to her as the “lawyer lady”. If you are going to talk to someone at least take the time to say “I am sorry I forgot your name. What was it?