Reply To: SO Registry continues to be roadmap for vigilantes


I don’t think anyone will ever cry “ENOUGH!!!” Why? Because once adjudicated a sex offender, “respectable” society sees registrants as worthy of being stripped of all human, civil, and constitutional rights. Once someone rapes a woman, rapes/molests/sexually assaults a minor, especially the 12 and under group, society figures shooting and hanging are too good; too quick. “Respectable” society wants to watch registered citizens suffer for the rest of their natural lives and then hope we all burn in hell for eternity. Nobody in main-stream media has mentioned that the killings in Vegas are motivated by vigilantism toward registered citizens. They don’t want to document that. That would be proof that Judge Matsch in CO called it right when he ruled the CO S.O.R. to be unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the 8th Amendment prohibition against cruel & unusual punishment. The cruel and unusual punishment comes at the hands of “respectable” society after the offender has served the sentence imposed by the court.

“Respectable society”?? I think not!!