Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Daniel Solomon There is no SCOTUS order there is a decision in the Muniz case by the PASC Muniz is a defendant SO not a law office I believe he had a public defender and Aaron Marcus helping him. Unless you have a pending criminal case you’re not getting a free lawyer Not sure why you think you should get one free. Some people on here can afford a lawyer but having a lawyer doesn’t mean you will get anywhere unless you know whats going on with the law so that is the reason people are here not to get a free lawyer. Most of the attorneys talked about on here are not stuck up they have provided advice and guidance. Lawyers got to school for many yrs and spend a lot of money to start a practice they shouldn’t have to do everything for free Just like when you or your kids get sick and go to the emergency room instead of paying to see a doctor it is just the wrong thing to do but some people have no problem with it and old people having strokes or kids in pain from broken legs suffer in the waiting room because the ER is full of runny nose kids with parents wanting a free ride and they have no shame in doing it. Same as when they are at Walmart getting groceries for free talking on their iphone8 with a Gucci purse no shame.