Reply To: PA’s “sexually violent predator” process ruled unconstitutional


Tammie good things come to those who wait. You know in todays government today in the USA it seems that anybody can run for president since their is not test that one has to be a Christian or if that’s the case one cam come out of jail and run for President’.This whole sex offender registry I believe is a test to see how government handles these situations.
Now what’s a little bit of probation for punishment. Sure we have all paid our fines it would seem and are trying to get our selves together and get regular jobs and have some respect again but it seems government doesn’t see it that way. This lifetime label is wrong after one pays his or her punishment.
Sure this thing in PA will help others across the States. What puzzles me is they say sex is the thing that no one can do.. Didn’t one of our Presidents get entangled in a sex scandal? Oh how we least forget.