Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Brian ok we are all that anxious too to get our info off the list. Terry is right. The bill has not yet been taking to full blown out effect. Yes, our info will remain on the registery until psp gets the papers back. Psp knows that and cannot do much till then. They are just taking people off the registry for those who have been involved with their own child and run away cases. As greenleaf stated. The others who are deemed to be taking off the registery will have to wait till psp gets the papers in. Right now the bill is passed but Gov. Needs to sign it. Until then psp is doing their part as fast as they can. Psp will not drag feet. $1000 day for each pic up on the list. Greenleaf said he wants the reduction cost to go down asap. Psp wants the same. They need that money for other things. Think about it guys. I also maybe wrong. If so than ok no big deal. Its just a food for thought only.