Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I am a baptist myself and I do remember a lot of my teachings growing up, course I wasn’t a hot champion on the Old testament myself, but the old testament gives us examples. Believe it or not their was a lot of killings, murders, rapes and everything. Even King David had his wrestles at times. You all say but what’s this got to do with today.
This was example or statement that I brought to everybody’s attention from Dueteronomy about the rape issues. See the point is are those in authority hypocrical today. Sure David made wrong mistakes but he still had his faith and belief. Today we have good government and bad government but who’s right in the end. I believe everybody can say who’s right in the end or show we just let our conscious be our guide. I guess one could say some Governments have a cricket in their pock or a snake
Maribel seems to be the only one that knew where this was going since it seems all those are up in the air about this relief of some of these people in this sex registry thing. Didn’t we all have Hitlers back in WWII and other forms of brutish Government. A little bit of christian principals go a long way and by the way I do have my mustard seed faith.
Sometimes we all have to look at all this as opportunity to learn where to put our hands, respect women’s persons as remember we are all property of God. Now a lot of you all spent some yrs. in prison for this and that, some on probation and some wanting to get out of all this bondage. I know government is not doing the right things in some of this sex offender stuff thats more the reason why people should speak up. I believe we all still have faith in a loving God today no mater if your sins are scarlet, but please dont’ be a reprobate.