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a man without a country

Sorry to take a couple days to respond. Didn’t bookmark where I’d left my story!

It was at check-in in TH. Things got real slow after I said I would like an aisle seat. I had also previously requested a wheelchair because of health issues which make walking long distances problematic. (Not much of a threat to anyone!) I stood at the Korean Air check-in in the TH airport for 15 minutes and never got a clear answer. I was asked if I were travelling alone. Yes. What did they think? I’m trafficking? A Korean supervisor, maybe the purser for the flight said there was an “immigration issue” and I could not transit in Incheon in Seoul. Yes, I thought it was BS too! I’ve been through that airport 8 times in the last five years! Like you said, leave one plane, get wheeled to my next gate in a wheelchair, and board the next flight for the US, where I figured I’d be humiliated. Never had anything longer than 15 minutes. But, yes, now I’m wondering if there’s new info sharing with countries in Asia AND if immigration here in TH will learn something before my next annual retirement visa renewal. (New motto here: Good in, bad out.)
This is a damned yellow star, scarlet letter, red scare. I’d like to know who in the US is pushing this triple, quadruple jeopardy on us. My family here was started after I was released from probation and became self-exiled over here for the last 15 years!
I’ll try to check back here soon for more follow up.