Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


What makes the SCOTUS denial so telling is that they only need 4 votes to grant cert. not only that, Kennedy and 1 other Justice was on the bench that ruled on Smith v Doe (2003). Kennedy voted for Smith v Doe. Right here, also in Snyder v Doe, was there chance to say, “Yep, we still believe we can still screw the offender.” Yet, they didn’t. I don’t believe people truly understand the importance of their denial. Smith vs. Doe has been their “Gold Standard” for many years.

In effect, by denying cert, they indirectly overturned Smith v Doe without officially doing so. This is a big deal! They are only s few SCOTUS rulings that are considered life changing, and Smith vs Doe was concerned one of them. “Oh, the Court will NEVER overturn Smith vs. Doe!!! Well, they indirectly just did!