Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


How is it that the PSP Attorney General Senate Judiciary have not been held in contempt of court? How are there not people fired and out of their posts for violation of their duties and public trust (RSO’s are also still citizens I believe and many tax payers)? This decision was made last summer!!! Where is the darn class action suit for relief and money compensation for damages each day we are unconstitutionally and unlawfully on the registry??? Wow, No lawyers interested in free mass amounts of cases (over 17,000 RSO’s affected according to the PSP) and easy money? really? …naahhh! I still can not believe that no lawyer wants it! All this wait manure is exactly that, manure! We and our families have been waiting long enough and then some!!! Enough. Someone help us for the right ethical and lawful reasons already established and written in “parchment” now!!! I am not donating another cent or my family until this changes as determined by Muniz for everyone! Everyone single one!