Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Fred here are some questions that I believe will save time in the conference call if you would be able to get them answered in your questions to keep things from getting confusing These are the main general questions that most everyone is asking. Also this will give callers the ability to get more questions answered because I know you like to keep each person short.

1. If PSP has not officially done their granular review of a persons individual case and made an official determination that they can be removed yet, will they be able to force them to register under the new law until they get to the determination?

2. Will PSP have to give the offender an official document that they have made a determination and what it is before they give a person a notice to register under new law?

3. Once a person registers under new law will people disputing, or have some time left on their 10yr registration have to revive a judicial determination or petition the court to be removed once their time has expired?

4. will People with two or more 10yr reg offenses go back to 10yrs just like the people that had one 10yr reg offense due to A.S. case that PSP has acknowledged in their 2016 report on ML registration.

5. How can we hold PSP to giving us an official statement to their plan of action and timeline for removal of people due to come off reg?

6.If a pre SORNA person that has finished their 10yr time had a failure to comply conviction or non SO conviction pre SORNA will this keep them from being removed from reg even though they finished their time? Same question for people that haven’t finished the 10yrs but will after being on new law for a few years?

7. Per Aaron Marcus he feels that the new bill will see some challenges like SVP determination, and still more ex post facto elements, what do the experts think will be the fait for the pre SORNA people still left on new bill?

What do you all think?