Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



If your are past due your ten years Terry is correct, I called PSP yesterday and the lady told me that I no longer have to register due to the Supreme Court rulings, if I don’t have a letter in hand by the time my registration is due I’m going in anyway so I don’t get arrested for not reporting because I’m sure they will get a few who think sense they said we don’t have to register anymore won’t go in and update, just call psp Megan’s law section, the lady I spoke to was really nice, just say hello how are you today my name is so and so and state you were directly effected by SORNA in 12/20/2012 they will ask your name and date of birth, look up you report and most likely tell you your report will be checked, they won’t be able to tell you when they will pull it or when you will be done, I’m guessing when we update the last time they will remove us