Reply To: A victory in Michigan


I moved out of the country by getting married in the states, sending all my money to my wife overseas for a year straight, had her buy a round trip ticket for me to visit. Notified the Marshalls 21 days in advance that I was going for a trip to see my wife. Took a plane to a country that is listed on the RTag site which was already my final destination. Really registered my marriage here. Then applied for a spouse visa. When it was approved I informed NY that I was moving here permanently and cancelled the return ticket.

But due to the law back in NY I have to remain on their registry for life (even though my case originated in Michigan), check in with them any time anything changes and send them an updated picture every three years or they will issue a felony arrest warrant for violating local NY registry laws even though I live literally on the other side of the planet.

My biggest fear right now is that because of their assanine law that IML will take my passport as permanent residence here is a 10-14 year process and I just moved hear a year ago.