Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Chuck I respect you for your optimism and cool head. I hope we can get a PARSOL meeting put together ASAP I have some plans for a grassroots mission in PA One would be to form some relations with local reporters in our respective locations threw out PA. This will allow us to educate the public on the facts. Also we need to expose these individuals in the legislature on just how stupid most of them are. Did anyone see how ignorant the ones on the judiciary are I can’t believe that people this dumb are actually in these positions I am not trying to be funny some of these people are just plain dumb and have no business making laws in our state. This is a serious weak point they have and we can expose it. We need a plan of action ASAP and a responsibility to get serious and follow through with this fight even if some of us get off the reg we need to meet and get along and fight together. Chuck has made this point lets fight this the best we can. Sign up with PARSOL get involved we have a chance to bring this whole thing down.