Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Hi Sandra,
I am sorry they would not let you in. From what I heard, they sometimes close the hearings to the public to ensure it does not become a shouting match. Take comfort in the many of us going through the same situation. My ex-wife and I went to an even her grandmother explicitly invited both of us to, and some of my ex-wife’s family members were made because it was at a park and I was there. One of her cousins went as far as to call the police to have me removed. When the cops came they said he is doing nothing wrong and left. She tried to tell them I was loitering with a small child that wasn’t mine. My wife said he is my husband and you need to respect that. You don’t have to be his friends, but I do expect you to be civil towards him as he is my husband.
My point is life on the registry sucks each and every day. What I hate is the pre-judging. I have met new people started hanging out with them, and then they would say something negative about anyone on the registry. When I tell them I am on the registry they say, “Oh not you. your not a low life.”
My parole officer said being on the registry is like being black back in the day, and she was right in a sense. We are treated as inferior by the public, and as second-class citizens by the courts. However, our day will come.
Some think the politicians getting caught up in sexual misbehavior was bad for our cause. I do not think so. It shows that anyone can make a mistake. I have some friends that say “there are some mistakes you just don’t make”. Really?
I do not think that is being compassionate.
Remember God loves us no matter who we are or what we may have or have not done. When my wife first started dating me all her friends thought she was crazy. Don’t give up. It will get better. I have several friends who enjoy hanging out with me. I even had a wife who loved me, but that other stuff ruined that. My point is we can still have a fulfilling life on the registry.
I hope you feel better today. I find when I feel overwhelmed just asking God to help me shoulder the burden makes me feel better.