Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Now I really don’t know to much about this Pennsylvania thing since I live in Virginia but I do know that worry doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Its like the bogie man is right under your bed. Sure people have wanted to cut me down a notch or two about talking about the good new or gospel at times on here.
You know I just can’t understand why the bible says not to put a “stumbling block” in another persons way. Sure I would be glad as anyone to get off the registry or go to court and ask for a redress which I’m thinking of doing. Now I know respect goes a long way and some of you have families and kids you are still raising that appear to be ensnared in all this also even all this mess about taking away your kids. Getting back to a normal life is good, working to support your family is good. As for myself I’m single I don’t have a family but most of you all do I’m sure and that is the sad part that this offense is effecting your family life. So its up to you all to stand up.
You and NARSOL and others are there to help you in this crisis and promote fair and truthful Justice. If you trust in man and man’s court your doomed in a lot of this. You know sometimes preaching can go in one ear and out the other. Are you all people no better than David. Look that up in your old testament.