Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

bill you will automatically be off the registry – You will be getting a letter of removal from the PSP. HB 1952 is a help to you- You are in the low risk on why PSP wants to show they are doing something. HB 1952 only hurts those who have time remaining to do- those who have not put in ten years yet. You got ten in – you will be getting the removal letter soon. Still in compliance until you get your PSP removal letter. That is you MUNIZ judicial determination provision of HB 1952 that is a good part of the HB 1952. It is not law yet but it is one more step for it to go. Governor’s signature . That is it. . . . Oh I forgot it need two more Senate considerations to amend things on it.

HB 1952 is a good bill for the pre-SORNA people that have ten years done.

I called the ML section today and they were mailing out letters – the Muniz fix will soon be in progression. HB 1952 is a less restrictive law and it is going to be applied mostly to hold SVP people on the registry. If you are not SVP HB 1952 is a good bill to look at – But if you have time remain due to being short of Ten years – HB 1952 robs you of Muniz protections. “vested rights” doctrine are being violated. The PASC gave a decision that the Pa. Legislature don’t want to follow – so the Pa. Legislature changed the rules in light of what the PASC has said. GET READY FOR THE FIGHT. – PASC V. PA. LEGISLATURE – Muniz decision V. HB 1952