Reply To: PA’s “sexually violent predator” process ruled unconstitutional

David Niday

I was convicted of Indecent Liberties in 1986 for inappropriately touching my 8-year-old daughter. At that time I was required to register for 10 years from the last offense of any kind including traffic citations. Due to SORNA, I am now a SVP and must register for life. In 2007, I married a woman in China. Due to my classification and inability to “prove beyond reasonable doubt” that I pose no threat to my 59-year-old wife, the Director of USCIS, in his unreviewable discretion, has denied my application for her visa to protect her well being. After 30 years and no other incidents. Congress granted the Director unreviewable discretion in making guidelines and decisions. These can not even be reviewed by the Supreme court. These guidelines include ” exceptions should be rare” and base the decision on the “severity of the many”, not the individual. This in itself is prejudice and bias. Beyond what this has done to me, an innocent woman is being handed a life sentence of never seeing the man she loves. We still remain married. What greater punishment than to deprive someone of humanity, and worse, someone innocent.