Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


About the removal. The psp just read what the bill say. Nothing much further. They are going to move forward with the bill. They are on their lunch break right now. So as for the major concerns includes child custody to be removed from the registery. They want all violent offenders to remain on the registery and kick off pre sorna that has completed their 10 year original sentencing. Also they talked about lowering the cost of the registry. They say the bill is NOT punitive and or punishment. Its only to keep awareness for the community and give a peice of mind to the victoms. They are not hating the registery people just dont want after 2012 people to be off the registery. They say we also do care for the offenders too. They just dont want any further feature crimes. They cannot disprove or approve that it will protect the community. They just want the community to be aware of these really bad violent offenders. Nothing more as i understood the live feed. They threw out concerns and good points too. But they voted in on the bill. Next is to sign the bill. Then they will give order to execute it right away. So dont be suprised to still see your name on the registery. It will take a bit to get everyone off pre 2012 sorna off. The numbers will go down .