Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


So HB 1952 passed judiciary and has its first consideration… I kind of feel like it’s going to pass the senate, become law, and that the State Police are going to take the longest amount of time possible to remove anyone who has timed off.
I watched the whole hearing, and had such hope while listening to Aaron Marcus. I listened to senators ask him questions with concerns over ex post facto, specifically with regards to the judicial determination that Terry’s talking about… and he specifically said he believes that part would be unconstitutional… and they still passed it out of the Senate, and it already has it’s first consideration… I think it needs three considerations on three separate days…

I’ll admit that I feel physically sick right now and I think it’s insane what they’re doing, and I know that HB 1952 will be challenged… maybe even by Terry… but it still seems like a part of hope died today… eagerly awaiting the chance to read your update Terry, but it’s still pending lol