Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

What will happen after Monday is the PSP will be more embolden to stay their course not to let people any one get off their registry. They have not let any one off but Muniz – and Reed – and Woolf so far. They are delaying to get by HB 1952 to become law. That is what they are waiting for.

I am in position to become the next Muniz to bring down HB 1952. You guys may not know the real deal of what is going on – But I am right there thinking of all of you. Pre-Sorna people that I will not fail to fight for.

Remember Terry Brunson – T.P.B. v PSP will be the next Muniz -case to break the back of HB 1952. Bragging no -Just confident and tired of being picked out to be picked on.