Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Mr. Paul. I looked into that link you spoke of that has correlations to the laws imposed by Hitler and the NAZI Party. Thank you. Now, in regards to the part of your comment about saving or having saved for a lawyer “somehow”, how exactly do you suggest such Sir? With all respect to you, as many know or have experienced hardship we live in a Country and times where you are either rich or poor. Many live paycheck to paycheck if at all. Many more just barely live a just or fair (however that is measured) life at all. Now, triple or quadruple the difficulty of current standard of living that I just wrote for registered citizens. How are we suppose to be able to or have by realistic time frame save money for lawyers? It is not designed to be an attainable reachable outcome for RSO’s period. OK, so someone will argue my comment and say that they are successful or got further socially recognized educacation or how much support they have or how great their life is…etc.! Well the reality is that is not the case for most. Blessings however to those that had it or have it like that. I am sure many would say that those individuals worked harder somehow, are more intelligent, better citizens and therefore more deserving of their great life even as RSO’s than anyone else because no one else but those with a greater RSO’s life has made forth the effort to make their lives better. Yes, I am sure that is it! (sarcasm) Surely is how courts and justice system sees it! (truth). …oh, and before being crucified by people commenting, for years as a registered citizens I have not bought alcoholic drinks, coffee, I don’t use $ to gamble, I don’t go out to sports events or have any type of social life. I am single and will keep it that way after the desolution of my previous marriage and the pain all involved went trhu (and some of us still are). Oh, and having to keep finding work sometimes months at the time until finding one because of…you guessed it! …because of the Sex Offender Registry! (…not because of being a “bad” employee)