Reply To: Courage: Yes, sex offender registrants have it too

Tim L

Protecting other citizens is not something that requires pay. It’s an action one does for moral reasons. You will never convince REGISTRATION AGENTS of that. Here I paraphrase an exchange that occurred during cross at my 2011 registration case for failure to provide info. I opted for trial.

Me: Agent do you work for WIDOC?
A: Yes.

Me: For how long have you been employed with DOC-SOR
A: Since the beginning, the creation of the Whetterling act.. So 11 years.

Me: What kind of sallery do you earn at DOC-SOR?
DA: OBJECTION! Relevance!
Judge: I’ll allow it, it is public information.

Me: Please state your annual salary for the Jury?
A: I make about 55k a year in my position.

Me: So ms. Agent over the lat decade the State of Wisconsin has paid you nearly 600K over those 11 years?
A: Yea I guess that is about right.

Me: So in order for you to do you job.. Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from sex deviants the people gotta pay you over a half a million dollars to protect our kids? Is that correct?
A: I get paid to maintain the registry… It protects by informing people about those who pose a danger.

Me: Agent do you believe people should be paid to protect kids?
A Yes, its a necessary job in this day and time.

Me: Agent is protecting kids something one should do for nothing?
DA: Objection, leading question
J: Sustained..ask the question in a better way Mr. Lawver.

Me: I withdraw the question your honor.

The point made to the jury anyway.

Protecting others is not something one does for pay. It clouds the motivation.
Public servants. Nahhhh self servants!