Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Sounds like the code of the west “hang’em high” or some wild “Bill” Hitchcock ordeal going on in PA. Compromising is never easy when one is at the mercy of the “Quote” Justice System. Sounds like a nice movie script for L.A. law but this is real life. If its unconstitutional than its unconstitutional. No one can predict the future of another person in these outrageous law endeavors.
Sure people want to be civil but going back on one’s word is un-American. I know when I got my sentence and was issued a PO he said for the next 10 yrs. “I’m the man”. I looked at him and put him in his place and I also told him its all about “Trust”.
Now you guys up in PA don’t worry about this as everything will work out. Their are some smart people in NARSOL and smart people that got caught up in all this high jinx, and yes we all make mistakes, and if we all learn something from our mistakes to help others than that is a blessing. Think positive!