Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I have had several precedential cases (pro se) in Commonwealth and Pa Supreme Courts. As an inmate, I helped (Read: did their legal work) and had 3 inmates released.
I just entered a petition in Cumberland County Courts “Petition for Immediate Final Order” asking that I be “immune” to the registration effects of SORNA and all previous Megan’s Law versions.
I have no doubt the judge will stall in issuing an order. I am currently typing up the Com v. Butler petition to have the SVP tag stripped.

They know what they are doing is now illegal. Do they care? nope. The issue is, as most people know, PSP will arrest you and let the Court decide 6 months later…
They expect citizens to follow the law in this Commonwealth, yet, they themselves cannot (Ie: will not) follow the rulings of unconstitutionality.